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[EN] Escape from Tarkov - 0.12 trailer analysis

[EN] Escape from Tarkov - 0.12 trailer analysis

The 0.12 trailer has just been released by Battlestate Games. It takes place in the whole new map, the military base (aka reserve). We can finally see what the map looks like, as well as its buildings and their inside, mine fields and undergrounds. Let's watch some fights!

  • From 0:17 to 0:27, you can see the outsides, a mine field and part of the underground.
  • New outfits can been seen at 0:28 and 0:41, with a nice checked shirt. We also noticed a new type of watch, a digital one that is. Strange thing is that all the digital watches in the trailer show the same display: "18:29, Wed, 6", would that be a clue about the 0.12 release date ?
  • Some time later at 1:12, there is a new top and new pants.
  • At 0:31 and 1:27, mounted on the weapon is a new reflex sight: the Trijicon SRS02.
  • Same scene, same weapon, the AKS-74U is equipped with a Alfa Arms Goliaf handguard.
  • Same scene, the character right in front of us is wearing a new helmet, the MSA ACH TC-2001.
  • Once on the roof at 0:40, we can see a M700 with an AB Arms MOD X Gen.3 chassis system. The right picture shows what it's like IRL.
  • We can later see at 0:48 a character wearing a new backpack : an Oakley Mechanism heavy duty, already announced back in August 2018. The outfit is also new.
  • At 0:49 is shown the use of surgical kits, as well as a new sight for the AK family on the character drinking water: a NPZ USP-1 4x (1p29).
  • A new assault scope is mounted on the weapon at 0:52: the Monstrum Compact prism 2x32.
  • Same scene, on the AK is installed the new VS-24 handguard.
  • Right after at 1:10 we can see the TDI Arms AKM-AKML handguard, it will also be seen later at 1:27.
  • At 1:13, a new silencer is revealed: the Thunder Beast Ultra 5.
  • On the P90 at 1:15, its specific sight system can be seen: the FN Ring sight reflex sight, along with the Steiner Dbal PL tactical flashlight.
  • We get a nice view from a roof at 1:22, the M700 in the character's hands is mounted with a new scope, it could be either a KMZ 1P59 or KMZ 1P69.
  • During the weapon reload at 1:27, we noticed a new high capacity magazine. Following infos were given by /u/vlad225. Thanks to him we know that it's not the first time this magazine has been seen. The right picture below shows the exact same magazine. A zoom on the muzzle brake reveals it's the SRVV FHMB for AK, this model exists for 5.45 and 7.62 caliber. However the weapon held by the character in the trailer has an 45° angled gas block, whereas every 5.45 AK has a right-angled one, plus the TDI Arms handguard monted on the rifle is onlty made for the AKM and AKML, both in 7.62, final proof the weapon is a 7.62x39 AK. This means the magazine is a new drum magazine for 7.62x39 ammo, judging by its size, around 40/50-round capacity.
  • Here is the heavy machine gun "NSV "Utes" 12.7x108" shown at 1:34.
  • Then is presented the AGS 30x29 mm grenade launcher being fired at 1:36. Note that the shells ejection in the trailer seems random, since they are supposed to be ejected from the bottom of the weapon. Plus it seems like they're lacking textures. Later at 1:41, the AGS-30 can been seen with its dedicated scope: the PAG-17 2,5x.
  • Notice on the same image a new helmet worn by the shooter, the BNTI LSHZ-2DTM helmet
  • At 1:48 is presented the NSV "Utes" in action on the train platform. It has been announced in the preliminary patchnote that the guards will defend the platform when the train is here, so expect them to shoot you with at least one heavy machine gun!
  • The boss of the military base, Glukhar, is showing his muscles alongside three of his six guards at 1:57. He is equipped with his ASh-12 in 12.7x55.
  • At 1:59, we see a thermal monocular in use, which is mounted on a helmet.
  • Right after at 2:04 a new thermal scope is used, the FLIR RS32.
  • The P90 being fired at 2:13 shows a very low recoil
  • At 2:15, because of the aperture, some people thought the weapon was a SCAR, but the charging handle leaves no doubt, it's an AR-15 system (M4, HK416...)
  • We spotted a nice little detail with the NSV "Utes" being fired at 2:17, the rear sight is jumping up and down because of the heavy recoil.
  • At 2:20, the M9A3 on screen has a bridge mount in order to install a sight.
  • Beware the almighty AGS-30 grenade launcher, seen at 2:47 killing a squad within seconds!
  • A brave PMC is trying to escape through the mine field at 3:02. Spoiler alert: he failed.
  • The character at 3:32 is killing a scav with the new Five-Seven pistol.
  • At 3:34, we are shown the NPZ USP-1 4x (1p29) reticle, spotted earlier on the character drinking water at 0:49.
  • We see the Five-Seven again at 3:32, this time with a silencer.
  • At 3:35 is presented a new drum mag for the Saiga-12, along with a new 12/70 ammo type, the grizzly 40 slug. The magazine is the 20-round MaxRounds Powermag.
  • On the reloading scene at 3:54, the gun on screen is the new AR-15 system announced by the studio: the Lone Star Armory TX-15.
  • Missing your train in Tarkov might result in premature and painful death. Notice the subtle "Пошли нахуй" (go .... yourself) at the back of the train.
  • The trailer ends flawlessly inside the long expected hideout at 4:31. With the icons shown on screen, we know there will be a module for toilets (toilet paper icon), a module for the stash (box icon), a module for a ventilation system (fan icon), a module for lighting (lightbulb icon), a module for security(?) (lock icon), a module for a workbench (gear and wrench icon), a module for heating (flame icon) and finally a health unit (health icon). Most of these modules were already shown in this Instagram post on BSG official Instagram page.

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Proofreading by Julie.

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